, Raymond Felton partner

Scorned wife: Ariane Raymondo-Felton (left), 24, told police her husband, Knicks star Raymond Felton (right), had multiple mistresses and had allegedly threatened her with a gun during domestic ... Raymond Felton Attorney: Business and Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Equity and Debt Financing Chair of Corporate Department and Co-Managing Partner at Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis Raymond Felton is a name that stands out not just in the category of NBA, but across the entire sporting world. Let’s discover his Biography, Net Worth, Age, wife/partner, Family, Affairs, Measurements, Achievements & Much More! Biography NBA star Raymond Felton is the greatest NBA in the history of the sport, and that success has […] W. Raymond Felton, Co-Managing Partner of the firm and Chair of the Corporate Department at Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP, has been selected Woodbridge Best Lawyers Mergers & Acquisitions Law Lawyer of the Year for 2012. This honor bespeaks particularly high ratings in surveys by Best Lawyers taken from thousands of professional peers. Only a single lawyer in each specialty in each ... North Carolina Central men’s basketball coach LeVelle Moton says former UNC and NBA star Raymond Felton was with him in the car in 2005 when the pair had a terrifying encounter with police. Raymond Felton. Raymond Bernard Felton Jr. Twitter: RFeltonGBMS (Felts) Position: Point Guard and Shooting Guard Shoots: Right 6-1, 205lb (185cm, 92kg) Born: June 26, 1984 in Marion, South Carolina us. Relatives: Cousin Tamir Jackson. College: UNC. High School: Latta in Latta, South Carolina Co-Managing Partner / Chair, Corporate Department. Mr. Felton concentrates his practice in the areas of corporate, LLC and partnership formation and operations, mergers and acquisitions, securities law, reorganizations, joint ventures, employment law, and the financing of transactions through both public and private equity and debt. In May 2005, I was driving through my old neighborhood in my truck (which had tented windows) and Raymond Felton was a passenger. In my rearview, i notice a cop following me. ... His partner ... Managing Partner at Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP; 99 Wood Avenue South, P.O. Box 5600, Woodbridge, NJ 07095 View W. Raymond Felton's office location

Best game by each 2008 lottery pick so far

2019.08.28 22:10 ilmari07 Best game by each 2008 lottery pick so far

Another repost because the original got deleted, this time without a botched title.

1. Derrick Rose- May 6, 2011, [email protected] 99-82 (GmSc: 37.2)

His 50-point game last year came close, but it's this 2nd round game in his MVP season that steals the show. He scored 44 on 16/27 from the field and even added 4 threes. He also had 5 rebounds and 7 assists with only 2 turnovers in relatively modest (for Thibs standards) 38 minutes. Man, if those injuries didn't happen...

2. Michael Beasley- January 30, 2012, [email protected] 120-108(GmSc: 28.8)

Michael Beasley represents one of the biggest wastes of talent of all time. At times, he could be a great scorer, but his lack of worth ethic or fucks given has almost driven him out of the league. He showed his tremendous talent in this game against the pre-Harden Rockets led by Kevin Martin and Kyle Lowry by scoring 34 off the bench at incredible efficiency (10/14 FG, 2/3 3FG, 12/12 FT).

3. O.J. Mayo- November 1, 2009, [email protected] 123-133 (GmSc: 34.2)

Speaking of waste of talent, here comes another example why you really shouldn't do drugs. Mayo basically peaked in his first two years, but then started to fall off to the point where he was kicked out of the league because of substance abuse. In this game in his sophomore season, he scored 40 points on 25 shot attempts (4/8 from deep) against a very good Nuggets team coming off a WCSF. It wasn't enough because Melo scored 42, but it was still a fine display of his talent. Hasheem Thabeet also played, and fouled out in less than 12 minutes.

4. Russell Westbrook- April 9, 2017, [email protected] 106-105 (GmSc: 45.6)

As a Nuggets fan, I saw this one coming and it still hurts. It's his 50-point TD game which he sealed by a gamewinner. The Nuggets were also one win short of the 8 seed. Ouch. Perhaps Westbrook can still break his record with the Rockets, but it's going to take a lot, even from him, to top a 50/16/10 game.

5. Kevin Love- December 22, 2013, [email protected] 116-120 (OT)(GmSc: 41.0)

This is a pretty good top 5, even if Rose got hurt and Beasleys and Mayos careers went down because of drugs. Twolves Kevin Love used to get some really big stats, with his best being this OT game, in which he got 45 points (15/23, 2/6 3P, 13/15 FT), 19 rebounds and 6 assists. His frontcourt partner Nikola Pekovic got a 34-14 double-double as well, but letdowns (in true Timberwolves fashion) from Ricky Rubio (0 points in 39 minutes) and the entire bench (combined for 18 points on 6/24 from the field) caused them to fall to the Clippers.

6. Danilo Gallinari- April 10, 2015, [email protected] 144-143 (2OT) (GmSc: 41.9)

Another 2OT game leading to some big stats. In fact, Gallo's second best GmSc is over 9 points smaller than this crazy 2OT game decided by a gamewinner by Raymond Felton of all people. The Mavericks also blew a huge lead in the 3rd quarter, also because our hero Gallinari made 13 of his 48 points (15/23, 7/12 from 3, 10/10 from the line) in it. He also collected 9 rebounds.

7. Eric Gordon- December 20, 2010, [email protected] 90-113 (GmSc: 32.8)

Those damn Wolves find a way to appear again on my list. This time it's a blowout delivered by the mediocre pre-CP3 Clips to a catastrophic Kurt-Rambis-led 17-win team. Gordon went off with 36 points (5 threes), 6 assists and 5 steals in 37 minutes and even had a game-best DRtg of 89.

8. Joe Alexander- January 14, 2009, [email protected] 102-99 (GmSc: 15.1)

By far the biggest bust of this draft class. Alexander was a great athlete that wasn't so great at basketball at NBA level. When your best game is a 13-point outing, you haven't made it that far. In fairness, he had also 5 boards and 5 assists, which is really solid for 20 minutes of play. Alexander would end up being out of the NBA in 2010 anyway.

9. D.J. Augustin- January 25, 2015, [email protected] 110-114 (GmSc: 30.2)

Augustin apparently loves to play in Canada, which is further proven by this very efficient 35-point output (12/20, 5/9 3P, 6/6 FT) with 8 assists and only 2 turnovers. Unlike in last year's playoffs, it wasn't quite enough to beat the Raptors, also thanks to Kyle Singler playing 26 minutes for some reason. Also unlike this year's playoffs, the Raptors didn't win the championship, but got embarassed by ~~Lebron~~ the Wizards?

10. Brook Lopez- March 26, 2010, [email protected] 110-118 (GmSc: 35.7)

Before he became Splash Mountain, Brook Lopez was actually a very good inside scorer. In this game, he showed all of his might against the frontcourt of Jason Maxiell and Jonas Jerebko (with Kwame Brown coming off the bench) for a grand total of 37 points on a ridiculous 14/17 from the field and 6 offensive rebounds (10 total). Fun fact: Lopez has, despite coming close multiple times, never scored 40 points in a game.

11. Jerryd Bayless- December 11, 2010, [email protected] 120-116 (GmSc: 28.4)

Jerry Bayless is a career journeyman who never stayed longer than two years on any team. His best performance came on a wild game between two very uninspiring teams. The Pistons managed to blow a 25-point lead thanks to clutch heroics by Bayless and Andrea Bargnani, who hit two threes in the 4th quarter. This game also featured a Ben Wallace three-pointer and almost two made halfcourt heaves, but Tracy McGrady's (yes, TMac played for the Pistons) came just a little bit late. Bayless finished the game with a statline of 31 points (10/12 FG, 1/2 3FG, 10/12 FT), 5 rebounds and 5 assists in just 34 minutes.

12. Jason Thompson- November 13, 2009, [email protected] 100-109 (GmSc: 25.8)

This is the part of this list where the real obscurities are found. Just like when Jason Thompson, an uninspiring part-time starting center on some bad Kings teams dropped a big 27 and 11 (9 offensive boards!) with 2 blocks on a post-TMac/Yao Rockets squad led by Aaron Brooks, Trevor Ariza and Luis Scola.

13. Brandon Rush- March 28, 2009, [email protected] 106-112 (GmSc: 25.2)

An outlier performance for rookie three-point sniper Brandon Rush, who relied less on his three in this game (2/4), but went 13/19 from the field for a career-high 29. He somehow still had a plus-minus of -19 and John Salmons and Ben Gordon had a combined 47 points, so his defense probably spoiled his offensive output.

14. Anthony Randolph- March 24, 2011- [email protected] 96-104 (GmSc: 29.4)

More Timberwolves! This time it's former Summer League darling Anthony Randolph, who decided that a game between an unsurprisingly terrible Timberwolves team and the later champion Mavericks would be the perfect opportunity to take 20 field goals, make 14, and add 11 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals and a block to his 31 points.
All according to Basketball Reference
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2019.04.23 17:46 nathanb065 We either win or lose tonight. This post is to celebrate the season with you all

Firstly, I wanna say I think our Thunder dog has a little more fight left in it before rolling over and pissing itself to a Great Dame (it's so fucking cute though...)
This sub and the team both have had ups and downs. Users have had their disagreements, hot takes, cold takes, funny stories, crazy conspiracies (myself included) and more. Sometimes, it got real ugly in here, while other times, it was all Kumbaya. Regardless, this has been probably my funnest season in this sub, and I want to take this time to share the few memes I've made as a way to say Thanks for being the best damn sub on Reddit and TTFU for our dogs just a little longer!
Bad Cutouts for Dank May-mays
Russ angry face
Tiny Markieff Head
Customized Lego Head
Shröder McGavin
This is my favorite cut of Russ
DS With his forehead missing
Ferg is too focused
Cool hand luke
Raymond "Down with the Thiccness" Felton sees some cheesecake
Couple of Gifs for you guys to enjoy
Towards the end of the season :(
1 video
Meme it up: Intentionally Cringe parody of Ja-Rule done by yours truly
A timeline of our season through memes
Our love and savior
You poor bastards
1-4 baby!!
When nobody saw the Spanish Inquisition coming
You know what I'm gonna say partner
Running away with the win like
Our 'Loss' to the cavs>>>>>>>>> Reference to the comic here
Actual Text footage between the Thunder and Suns after our big win
The birth of Dennis the Shooter
How this sub felt after a loss
Nerlens Ibaka!
Doing extensive math to figure out Russ's true height
T-ferg's superior shooting
Ferg's defense on Dame throughout the regular season
Everything is awesome
Felton destroying some Trail-Blazer-Mix
Probably showing my age but does anyone remember Morris the Moose?
Put me back to sleep fam
Lord of the no rings :(
Russ knows who the Real MVP is
This template is perfect for everything honestly
Now it's getting sad...Sorry guys
MFW checking the box score
In conclusion
This season has been nutso. But if I had to share this season in another sub with another team, I'd have unsubscribed years ago. Keep doing what you all do best and Thunder the Fuck Up on this fine game day!!!
See ya'll tomorrow whether we win or we lose!
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2019.02.07 23:35 Tales_of_the_Trivial THE FLASH's Rejected Concepts & Storylines

Here's a collection of the concepts and storylines that were considered and ultimately not used for the show throughout five seasons. Feel free to add more.

- Barry uses his forensic abilities to determine his enemies’ weaknesses and defeat them. Changed so the rest of the team could have a more active role in the missions.
- Iris is a psychology student interning at CCPD as a junior criminal profiler. Changed to be closer to the comics.
- Eddie is a douchebag hotshot who dislikes Barry. He transferred to Central City after accidentally killing his partner and covering it up to protect his career. Changed as they thought making Barry’s rival a nice guy was a more interesting take.
- Caitlin is older, had a past relationship with Harrison Wells, and her not-so-dead boyfriend is Kyle Nimbus / The Mist. She was aged down to replace Hartley in the core trio, and her fiancé was changed into Ronnie Raymond / Firestorm to be closer to the comics.
- Hartley is part of the team, has a friendly rivalry with Cisco and is initially more concerned with salvaging his career than protecting the scene. Changed to streamline the cast. Caitlin took over his role.
- Joe is killed by the Mist in the pilot episode. Changed because Jesse L. Martin was just too awesome to waste.
- Snart and Rory are meta-humans. Changed to be closer to the comics.
- Dr. Light would be featured as a meta-human former S.T.AR. Labs scientist seeking revenge against Wells. Hartley likely took over his role.
- Barry and Caitlin would hook up. Changed after Grant Gustin suggested they sped up the Barry/Iris relationship.

- Zoom is Earth-2’s Barry Allen. Changed because the writers “fell in love” with the Jay Garrick / Hunter Zolomon twist. They still used most of E2 Barry’s original characterization for Hunter.
- Jay is not Zoom, but a roguish speedster from Earth-2 who joins forces with Barry to stop Zoom. They clash at first, but slowly become friends and Jay grows into a true hero. He would still hook up with Caitlin. Changed due to the Jay / Hunter twist.
- Patty was supposed to stick around, learn Barry’s secret identity, and join team Flash. She would’ve likely be promoted to the main cast in season 3.
- Iris would actually date her editor Scott Evans for a while, since Barry and Patty were not supposed to break up so soon.
- Ronnie was supposed to stick around, but had to be killed off and replaced by Jax when Robbie Amell couldn’t commit to Legends of Tomorrow.
- General Eiling was supposed to be a recurring antagonist for Firestorm, but was cut when Ronnie was killed and Stein and Jax moved to Legends of Tomorrow.
- Legends of Tomorrow was originally envisioned as a midseason show, and Snart and Rory were at one point supposed to come back to The Flash to keep assembling the Rogues.
- Mirror Master and Doctor Alchemy would be introduced as part of the Rogues storyline.
- The real Jay Garrick was originally planned to be Earth-3’s Eddie Thawne rather than Earth-3’s Henry Allen.

- The writers admitted they did not fully plan the season, resulting in many forgotten plot points like the S.T.A.R. Labs museum, Savitar’s plans for Jesse, the appearance of Accelerated Man, etc.
- Mirror Master and Top were meant to replace Snart and Rory as the leaders of the Rogues, but fans didn’t really respond to them, and Grey Damon was cast in a movie shortly afterwards and had to be written out, axing the New Rogues storyline.
- The Rival was at some point considered for a recurring role as Wally’s own speedster rival while Savitar would be Barry’s.
- Julian was supposed to struggle against Savitar's influence and the return of Doctor Alchemy throughout the season, but never really did after Team Flash freed him in the midseason finale.

- Julian was going to be promoted to main cast in season 4 before Tom Felton ultimately decided not to return.
- Ralph and Caitlin would get together, but Danielle Panabaker objected since Caitlin had already been involved with Jay/Hunter and Julian.
- Gypsy would recur throughout the season and stay with Cisco, but had to written out when Jessica Camacho was cast in another show.
- Jesse had to be written out due Violett Beane’s other commitments, and Wally was moved to Legends of Tomorrow shortly afterwards.
- Big Sir was supposed to return later in the season and figure into Devoe’s plans somehow, but never did.
- Tracy Brand was also supposed to return, but never did.
- Amunet was envisioned as a secondary antagonist with her own team of meta-human henchmen, but was slowly changed into more of an anti-hero with only one notable henchman, Norvok AKA Snake-Eye.
- There were rumors about a two-parter set in Earth-3, exploring Jay's backstory and introducing his mysterious female protege, but that didn't come through.

- There were rumors that Sue Dibny would be introduced as a digital influencer who teams up with Iris for a new project. Considering there's been a digital influencer (Spencer Young / Spin) and Iris is embarking on a new project (The Central City Citizen), there was probably some true to that.
- A deleted scene alluded to Weather Wizard reforming the Rogues with Ragdoll as his first recruit, which seems to have been dropped in favor of the Young Rogues formed by Weather Witch, Silver Ghost and Spin.
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2017.08.09 04:05 Youreachiteachmath The Sure Fire, Definitive, Absolutely Correct Western Conference Pre-Season Playoff Seeds

Well it's off season so what else is there to do but to make a preview for the top 8 teams in the Western Conference to see how each team got better (or worse) in the off season. I couldn't get as in depth as I wanted (time), but just thought I would put it out here!

1. Warriors

Additions: Jordan Bell, Omri Casspi, Nick Young, Chris Boucher
Losses: Ian Clark
The Warriors quietly had a great off season, which is scary for a team that just took the Finals in 5. They let Ian Clark go in favor of a taller, swaggier version of himself in Nick Young. Young fits exactly what the Warriors want to do (switch everything and spray ignorant threes at a 40% clip) and we will likely see his points go down, but his efficiency across the board rise. And if that wasn’t enough, they went ahead and grabbed Steph Curry’s rival in Omri Casspi, who will fill around half of what they want. And if being lightyears ahead wasn’t enough for Joe Lacob, he went ahead and grabbed Draymond Green 2.0 in Jordan Bell (for cash considerations nonetheless, looking at you GarPax.) These additions, along with decent core they have now seat the Dub’s at the number one spot.

2. Spurs

Additions: Rudy Gay, Joffrey Lauvergne, Derrick White
Losses: Dewayne Dedmon
The Spurs come in at number two, but as usual, feel like the team that nobody is talking about. They quietly won 61 games, were up 20+ on the Dub’s (before FBI’s Most Wanted Zaza Pachulia), and the only person they lost from their roster was Dewayne Dedmon. Dedmon is a solid rim protecterunner, but the ship is hardly falling apart with him gone. In his place, they’ve brought in Rudy Gay to counter the Warrior’s Death Line Up, as well as Joffrey Lauvergne. It is worth noting that the point guard spot might look a little funky for the Spurs for the first time since 2000. Tony Parker ruptured a tendon in his left leg, and 16 year veterans don’t necessarily recover from injuries swiftly. A majority of the early season load will undoubtedly be split between Patty Mills and Dejounte Murray. However, with Pop steering the ship, San Antonio seems poised for another 60 win season.

3. Houston

Additions: Chris Paul, Tarik Black, Luc Mbah a Moute, PJ Tucker
Losses: Sam Dekker, Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, Montrezl Harrell, Kyle Wiltjer
The Rockets were one of the benefactors from one of the wilder NBA off-seasons in recent memory. They swapped out a couple of young pieces, as well as their starting point guard and renowned soothsayedynamite off the bench Lou Williams for one of the best points in the league in Chris Paul. Paul immediately makes the Rockets more dynamic, as they now have somebody who can grab the keys to Mike Dantoni’s Ferrari offense for all 48 minutes. Additionally, they stocked up on two defensive wings in Luc Mbah a Moute and Pj Tucker, which seems like an attempt to try to get ready to guard the Warriors (this is a common trend for a lot of contenders this offseason, see: Spurs, Rockets, Thunder). They also hedged the loss of the promising Harrell with Tarik Black, who made his paycheck being a high energy pick and roll big. All signs point towards the Rockets maintaining their spot from last year’s season.

4. Thunder

Additions: Paul George, Patrick Patterson, Raymond Felton, Terrance Ferguson
Losses: Domatas Sabonis, Victor Oladipo
Another episode in the wild off season turned heads turned league wide when the Pacers decided to trade Paul George for a couple of nickels and some pocket lint. Jokes aside, the Thunder immediately got better when they traded Sabonis and Oladipo for PG13. He gives the Westbrook a secondary ball handler to attack off the ball, as well as space the floor, which just happens to be where George thrives. Trading for him also allows the Thunder to breathe in the minutes that Westbrook sits (where they were basically a d league team). Billy Donovan showed the ability to stagger minutes with KD and Russ, and it’s hard to imagine something similar not happening. Lost in the hoopla of the Paul George trade was the sneaky good signings of Raymond Felton and Patrick Patterson. In Felton, the Thunder get a steady upgrade behind Russ. In Patterson, the Thunder get the floor spacing, defensive-minded four they’ve needed around Russ sign Ibaka left. Overall, the Thunder find themselves at #4 and look to be trending upward.

5. Timberwolves

Additions: Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson, Jeff Teague, Jamal Crawford
Losses: Zach Lavine, Kris Dunn, Ricky Rubio
The Timberwolves are many people’s “dark horse” pick to make the leap this year, and it’s hard to not agree. They had one of the best off seasons in the association. They started the off season by trading an injured Zach Lavine, an underachieving Kris Dunn, and the 7th pick for Tom Thibodeau’s favorite candidate to play 50 minutes in a game. Jimmy Butler is a guy who can score from anywhere on the floor, as well as pick up the other team’s first option. Andrew Wiggins will certainly benefit from not having to guard the first option every single night now. But they didn’t just stop there with the former Chicago guys. They also scooped up low post bully Taj Gibson in free agency, which will add some toughness to the team overall. They basically swapped Ricky Rubio in for Jeff Teague, and added a great heat check/locker room guy to come off the bench in Jamal Crawford. As weird as it feels to say, the Wolves feel like a lock to make the playoffs this year.

6. Nuggets:

Additions: Paul Milsap, Trey Lyles, Tyler Lydon, Monte Morris
Losses: Danillo Gallinari
The Nuggets are another team that is going to make waves in the Western Conference this year. After narrowly missing the playoffs by a game last year, they are a shoe-in for the playoffs this year. Like every other team in the west, they poached an all-star from the Eastern conference in Paul Milsap. Milsap was the perfect signing for this team, as he gives them the ideal running mate for fellow big man Nikola Jokic. Jokic was trapped in a minutes jam last year, but once the team traded Jusuf Nurkic to Portland, the Joker was unleashed. Denver rode the passing of Jokic to one of the top offenses in the league. Milsap provides somebody to take the tougher defensive assignment for Jokic, and has demonstrated himself to be more than a capable scorer and facilitator. In addition to Milsap, the Nuggets traded the 14th pick for Trey Lyles and Tyler Lydon to fill in some depth. Although the loss of Danillo Gallinari will be felt, it will open up more playing time for Lyles, as well as Wilson Chandler. The Nuggets spent the off season getting more defensive minded and athletic, and that should be enough to put them into the 6th spot.

7. Trail Blazers

Additions: Zach Collins, Caleb Swanigan, Andrew Nicholson
Losses: Allen Crabbe
The Trail Blazers spent their summer trying to go big. They traded the 15th and 20th picks to select Zach Collins in the draft, and then selected Caleb Swanigan with the 26th pick in the draft. They then tried to lessen the luxury tax when they traded Allen Crabbe for Andrew Nicholson. On paper, the Blazers didn’t get a whole lot better, but they were trending up the last half of the season. Although this could be attributed to Damian Lillard’s annual Post All Star Snub Revenge Tour, they really got better when they traded Mason Plumlee for Jusuf Nurkic. Nurkic not only provided the Blazers a double-double in 30 minutes a night, but he also acted as an excellent pick and roll partner for Lillard and Mccollum the last half of the season. It’s no coincidence that the Blazers were 14-6 in the games were Nurkic suited up as a Blazer. Despite that, the Blazers will probably finish close to where they were last year.

8. Grizzlies

Additions: Tyreke Evans, Ben Mclemore, Mario Chalmers
Losses: Zach Randolph, Vince Carter
Lather, rinse, repeat. The Grizzlies have made the playoffs the past 7 years, and that streak doesn’t look like it’s going to be losing any steam. The Grizz lost a part of their Grit n Grind identity when Zach Randolph decided to leave for the Kings. This fits their transition, as last season they started to get away from that, and play little more into the 3’s please era. The Grizz brought in some solid pieces in Tyreke Evans, Ben Mclemore (although he is expected to be out until November) and 2 Time NBA Champion Mario Chalmers. Most importantly though, is that the Grizz are running it back with their two leaders in Marc Gasol and Mike Conley, who makes it feel overrated to call him underrated at this point. If Conley can carry the momentum from the playoffs into this season, the Grizz feel like a lock for the post season.
Edit: I obviously don't know how to use a list. Sorry about that!
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2013.12.05 06:12 dichloroethane Building a Contender around Carmelo Anthony

I have often wondered if Carmelo Anthony is simply one of the best players in the league that you just can’t build a contender around. If I were to use a pokemon analogy, I would say that he is the best baton pass finisher in the league. He’s actually very similar to Lucario in that you set things up, pass to him (the passing stops), and then he can beat you physically inside or specially outside… and his frail defenses will make you want to rip your hair out when you mismanage things and realize you wasted him. Also, much like actually playing baton pass, Melo is not a plug into any team guy. You really need to build around him if he is going to succeed in the upper tiers against teams like Miami, Indiana, San Antonio, OKC, etc.
Melo’s most efficient offensive numbers come when he is able to play power forward and draw a cross matchup against a big who just can’t keep up. A quick look to last year shows that his offensive rating goes from 99.1 at small forward to 101.7 at power forward as he sees a 16 point increase in effective field goal percentage. However, the better teams in the league have ways of making him pay for playing the four on the defensive end. Though the numbers averaged across the league make it look like he is only a marginally worse defender at power forward, the eye test makes a very strong case against using him to guard the David Wests, LMA’s, and Tim Duncans of the league. Since the goal is to actually win a title and not put up above average stats, we leave ourselves in a conundrum as to how to get Melo’s PF offense without hanging him out to dry on defense. I am guessing that many of you, like me, first jumped to the conclusion that Melo needs a stretch four because then he can work inside on offense while that guy provides floor spacing (okay maybe that was just James Dolan). The problem with that strategy is that the stretch four doesn’t create a cross-matchup and he is actually another finisher waiting for an outlet pass. That will most likely just be a combination of two scorers and little ball movement. The more elegant solution is to pair Melo with an off ball combo forward. This player can act as a facilitator, create a cross matchup problem no matter which player the small forward decides to guard, and defend the four at least a bit better than Melo (though this is still imperfect against the few true post players left in the league)
Best Option: Lebron
Pros: Lebron
Cons: Join forces with Lebron is a huge copout for this thread
Second Option: Josh Smith
Smith is able to use his athleticism to defend the four and actually defends it much better than he does the three. Offensively, he works best without the ball as either a cutter or a passer. Many of his struggles come from his big contract putting him in a position where he often has to be the finisher on the team. However, he is not ideal as he lacks the range for spot up shooting and his contract makes it hard to also sign a true second scoring option.
Surprisingly compatible: Thad Young
Though I often just see an undersized power forward out there, Thad Young manages surprisingly good defensive numbers. His on off in 2010 was an impressive -1.25 (better than Iggy that year) and has averaged over 3 defensive win shares the last three years while guarding the four. He works best off ball on offense to compliment Melo and is just a moderately priced efficient player. Like Smith, he also suffers from some range issues though these are not a huge concern because of Melo’s versatility.
The guards and center
The next piece would be a defensive anchor at center to provide support for the double combo forward attack that will inevitably have some holes with interior defense. This center is going to have to feast off of rebounds and put-backs to get his points. You’re looking at a short list of established options in Dwight, Marc Gasol, Tyson Chandler (health pending), Roy Hibbert, and Joakim Noah though I’d have to say Asik would probably fit in well. If things go well for teams I like, Sanders and Drummond will be able to add themselves to this list by the time Melo is thinking about switching teams.
The point guard on this team needs to fill the role of both facilitator and secondary scoring option. That shouldn’t be too hard to find so long as they aren’t named Raymond Felton. Though my vision is Chris Paul, I don’t think this would be exclusively Melo’s team after that. If Steve Nash were younger goddamnit. Tony Parker and John Wall (the way he’s playing this year) also come to mind. I can’t trust Kyrie and Melo defensively on the court at the same time in the ECF or finals. As usual, I’ve left the responsibility of additional 3 point shooting and perimeter defense to the shooting guard. If you don’t have a superstar SG, might as well grab a 3&D.
How to make such a team
Route 1: Dallas figures out a defensive anchor at center on the cheap. I don’t think Wright is big enough to anchor the defense, Dally goes the other way and Blair is undersized as well. The only economical option is that Dallas finds a way to trade for Koufos at 3MM (probably in a trade centered around their first round pick). Without a defensive anchor, it’s just hard to put them as a serious contender even with Melo. They then have the cap space to sign an opting out Melo and hopefully this entices Marion to come back at a discount to make a title run. I didn’t include Marion due to age but he has the skillset of the combo forward with far better range than either Smith or Young. While the backcourt doesn’t contain the defense I wanted, it does fulfill the requirements of distribution and secondary scoring. This team would be a small perturbation from the presented model plus Dirk. Dirk probably makes up for not entirely tailoring the team to best case scenario of Melo plus backup crew. Calderon/Ellis/Melo/Dirk/Koufos(Marion) has to be taken seriously though I could also see it failing due to lack of plus defenders and really falling apart if they can’t figure out the center position.
Route 2: If Detroit does not resign Monroe (or sends him to New York in a S&T), they have the cap space to sign Melo. This only looks like a good idea if Detroit gets its act together this year and shows that Drummond can keep his production up for an entire season, KCP is going to become that 3&D guy he’s supposed to be, and Jennings can actually be a distributor first and an emergency scorer second. Basically, can the team be at its best on a consistent basis. If so, they provide good complimentary pieces for Melo to make a run in the East.
Route 3: Melo does not opt out and hits free agency in 2015 instead. Let’s say that Tim Hardaway Jr. has developed into a Wes Mathews type player (because optimism). Because I don’t know, JR Smith opts out in favor of more years at less pay. Felton/Prigs/Hardaway/JR combine for ~10MM. Melo in for 20MM. The Knicks then sign Rondo 12MM (for some reason he doesn’t get a pay raise), Asik 10MM (value below Pek because we haven’t seen him play a lot of minutes after Houston can’t find a trade partner), Thad Young 7MM, throw in some money for cap holds and you have a team… as far-fetched as all these things working out may seem
Route 4: Melo opts into one more season in New York. San Antonio is currently sitting at 53MM in committed salary for next year and will likely only spend up to the cap. Let’s just say that at least one of their players is on a one year deal for say 4MM. Then in 2015, they maintain cap holds for Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard as well as 8.5MM locked up in Splitter. This brings their total committed salary to 34.75MM before signing anybody. As sad as it is to see Duncan and Manu retire together, the Spurs do have the space to quickly reform their core around ParkeLeonard/SplitteMelo (or maybe that other max money wing opts out in 2015) while still having ~5MM to spend on role players to fill out the roster. This again only halfway follows the blueprint but is likely still a contending core
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2013.06.23 02:19 JackJuice Pacers hire MCFrshPrnce, Blockbuster Trade for CP3

The Pacers have hired MCFrshPrnce to take over their franchise as Team President, General Manager, and Head Coach. Within minutes of joining the team, the GM successfully negotiated two deals that will greatly change the team's outlook.
Taking advantage of the Cavs' long search for a trade partner, the Pacers were able to nab perennial all-star Chris Paul to head up the team.
Pacers receive: Chris Paul, Nick Young, Andre Blatche
Cavs receive: David Lee, Monta Ellis, Jose Calderon
"We needed a change," said Cavs GM JackJuice. "Our team has struggled to find an identity, despite great performances from Chris Paul. We'll miss our captain, but we're excited for balanced team. David Lee will bring the post-scoring we've greatly missed, and we'll be bringing Shumpert or Monta off the bench for a huge punch."
In a second trade, the Pacers obtained often-misunderstood SF Michael Beasley from the Pistons in a move that should upgrade both teams.
Pacers receive: Michael Beasley, JJ Barea
Pistons receive: Thaddeus Young, Jonas Jerebko
Once the league offices approve the trades, the Pacers are expected to start Chris Paul, Nick Young, Tobias Harris, Andre Blatche, and Anderson Varejao, with Raymond Felton and Michael Beasley bringing scoring off the bench. Rumor has it the team is still pursuing trades for a starting SG, with Felton, Young, Harris, and Beasley available.
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