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Hiring and employment discrimination against men (academic studies and real world examples)

2020.01.05 23:06 Oncefa2 Hiring and employment discrimination against men (academic studies and real world examples)

I think it's becoming increasingly clear that the wage gap narrative is causing men to be unfairly discriminated against in the workplace.
Never mind that research indicates the real wage gap is only around 1%, and that it is caused by differences in choices that men and women make in their lives and in the workplace.
Not only have men been found to earn less than women in many fields, but studies indicate that men have a much harder time getting hired than women.
Women are not the ones being discriminated against here. Instead, people's erroneous belief in the wage gap narrative has lead to a situation where men are the ones being discriminated against.

The wage gap myth

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Lesbian women earn more money because they anticipate that they can't marry or date a man and spend his money
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Men being unfairly discriminated against in an effort to fix the wage gap

Men are often paid less for the same work
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Hiring discrimination against men (studies)
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Hiring discrimination against men (real world examples)
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Female biases in interviews, resumes, and referrals / networking
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When this bias was revealed (and was found to benefit women instead of men), people saw this as a bad thing, and campaigned against programs that censored the applicant’s name / gender on resumes for fairness
Belot, H. (2017). "Blind recruitment trial to boost gender equality making things worse, study reveals". ABC News. Available at:
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