Avril Lavigne dating Deryck Whibley

Avril Lavigne tells Nylon's June/July 2012 Music issue about her fiance Chad Kroeger and her ex-husband Deryck Whibley. Brooke Nipar Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) The Grammy-nominated 'Sk8er Boi' singer was first married to Sum 41 rocker Deryck Whibley, 39, ... Avril Lavigne Is Dating Indie Artist Pete Jonas: See the Pic from Their Pre-Grammy Party Date Night. But she remains on good terms with both Kroeger and her first ex-husband, Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley, whom she divorced in 2010. More: Avril Lavigne opens up about Lyme disease battle: 'I wasn ... Let’s take a look at Avril Lavigne past relationships, exes and previous hookups. Past Relationships Avril Lavigne was previously married to Chad Kroeger (2013 – 2015) and Deryck Whibley (2006 – 2010). Lavigne and Whibley, who've been dating for two years, got engaged in Venice, Italy in June 2005 (see 'Avril Lavigne Engaged To Sum 41's Deryck Whibley'). It's unknown how long a honeymoon the ... Avril Lavigne was previously married to Chad Kroeger (2013 - 2015) and Deryck Whibley (2006 - 2010). Avril Lavigne has been in relationships with Phillip Sarofim (2018 - 2019) , J.R. Rotem (2017 - 2018) , Ryan Cabrera (2015 - 2016) , Brody Jenner (2010 - 2012) , Andrew Levitas (2009 - 2010) , Wilmer Valderrama (2009) , Jesse Colburn (2002 ...

I Think I Solved the "Avril Lavigne is Dead" Conspiracy.

2019.10.26 05:41 standard_RG I Think I Solved the "Avril Lavigne is Dead" Conspiracy.

“All this time you were pretending… so much for my happy ending”
“Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?”
I’ve been interested in the “Avril Lavigne is dead" conspiracy for a while, so when someone posted this the other night I cleared my schedule and watched the whole thing. The documentary is very interesting. It’s basically just clips of Avril performing and giving interviews from her early days and then her later days. The contrast between early Avril and later Avril is jarring when you watch the documentary in one sitting. There is absolutely no denying there is a distinct change right around 2003. There’s a scene at the end of the movie where a blonde haired “Avril” is excited and passionate about doing her mother's makeup, and yet at the start of the movie there’s a clip of brown haired Avril saying how she doesn't like to be glamorous and doesn't like people around her doing her makeup. The change in personality is plain as day. I thought to myself "there is just no way those are the same people".
The “Avril is dead” people point out very interesting clues that were apparent in the documentary. The old Avril is shorter, has brunette hair, darker eyes, a deeper voice, more of a tomboy, into punk, not a great vocalist, and loves writing music. They say the new Avril is taller, has blonde hair, lighter blue eyes, more feminine, prettier, a better singer, a higher voice, seemingly more pop than punk, and not the same songwriter. They argue she has different ears, moles, teeth, and even handwriting too. They even point to a picture of “Avril” from 2006 where she has “Melissa” written on her hand (Melissa Vandella is the purported name of the Avril “imposter”). There is no denying there appear to be kernels of truth to these statements.
They theorize that Avril killed herself in 2003 because her Grandpa, whom she was close with, died, and the devastation of his death along with the pitfalls of fame drove her to suicide, and that a body double, possibly a clone, named Melissa pretended to be Avril going forward,
Now before this documentary I was very much on team "Avril is dead", but there was also no denying the “Avril is NOT dead” team had some “gotcha” points on their side.
The "Avril isn’t dead crowd" argues she looks extremely similar to the old Avril. Similar enough to explain any changes in appearance to aging/makeup/hair dye and not a body double. They say she is seen in the same hometown, she’s a good musician, she has the same parents, and while she may be slightly different than the old Avril, people grow up and change and that’s why she seems different. They also point out that Avril dated Sum 41 lead singer Deryck Whibley as far back in 2001, but married him in 2006, so how could it be possible that the Sum 41 lead singer knew Avril back in 2001 and married her in 2006 if she supposedly died in 2003? That crushes the theory, right?
The scene where the “new Avril” is doing makeup, the one I mentioned above, is so interesting because the change is so drastic from the “old Avril”, and yet those were presumably the same parents of the original Avril, so how could the imposter be involved with her parents, doing her mom’s makeup, and hugging her dad? Surely, her parents wouldn’t let a clone or an imposter into their lives like that?
Something never sat right about this conspiracy for me, but last night everything fell into place…
There’s a scene in the documentary that didn’t quite fit… it’s this video of “Avril” singing at a local bookstore when she’s 16. When it played in the documentary my radar immediately went off… “Wait a minute… that’s Avril?” She’s... blonde? She’s… cute... She’s... feminine, higher pitched, taller, and better at singing? … Why are her eyes blue? How could she change so much in less than two years from this girl... to the “Sk8er boy” punk-chick, and then… change back?… She seems just like the “fake Avril”..."
Then it hit me like a ton of bricks…..
MELISSA IS AVRIL LAVIGNES TWIN SISTER who’s blonde, slightly taller, prettier, higher pitched, better at singing, more feminine, and replaced Avril in 2003.
That’s why the new “Avril” seems so similar, and yet so different from the old Avril. That's why "fake Avril" is blonde and "real Avril" is brunette. That's why "Avril" is still seen in the same hometown, with the same parents, and looks so similar, and has musical talent… she is Melissa, the nearly identical twin sister to Avril who took over after Avril went away in 2003. That’s how Deryck knew “Avril” in 2001 and married her in 2006, even though she “died” in 2003. He wasn’t dating Avril, he was dating her sister, Melissa. Avril didn’t marry Chad Kroeger. Melissa did. Avril didn’t date Brody Jenner. Melissa did. Avril didn't record Hello Kitty. Melissa did.
I have no idea what happened to Avril in 2003, but the suicide theorists could be right for the wrong reasons…. What if the record company wanted to replace Avril with her prettier, blonde, taller, barbie-like, better at singing twin sister? In the documentary it’s clear Avril didn’t listen to the record company and wanted to be her own person, whereas her sister is exactly what the record company was looking for… What if Avril was depressed about that, and then her grandpa died? And she hated the fame? And she hated living a lie? What if there was a love triangle between Deryck, Melissa, and Avril? Could that storm have caused a suicide? Or did she just walk away like Paul McCartney to let her sibling take over because the CIA/Illuminati/whomever ordered it?
History doesn’t repeat… but it does rhyme...
I remember being so fascinated by the “Paul McCartney is dead” conspiracy. I vividly remember watching a documentary about it for the first time. It was so interesting, however, like the Avril is dead conspiracy, the answer that Paul died in a car accident and they replaced him with a random look-a-like never felt quite right…
and then I read this post by Miles W. Mathis…
and then I saw this video…
Paul McCartney had a twin brother who replaced him in 1966. He didn’t die, his brother just took over.
The same thing happened to Avril Lavigne, although she may be actually dead… who knows, but the point is that there is historical precedence for replacing a superstar musician with their twin and the fans, sensing something wasn’t right, speculated that the original was replaced, but never quite put it all together. Here is potentially another example (skip to the bottom for the twin speculation)
To those who think this is too crazy to believe, and that her having a secret twin sister is just too much of a stretch, consider for a second how unbelievable Avril’s rise to fame was. She won a radio contest and got to perform at a Shania Twain concert in front of 20,000 people when she was 15... and when she was still 16 she signs a record deal for 1.25 million? Then by 18 she’s an international superstar? Please. That “rise to fame” has “intelligence” agencies written all over it. Now with the resources and know-how of the intelligence community, not to mention the long, long, long history of the CIA being directly involved in the entertainment industry, it’s significantly less far-fetched to consider that Avril and Melissa were chosen because of their musical talents and because they’re identical twins....just like Paul and his brother.
Also, if this theory is true, then you would expect to see some kind of intelligence/military connections in her family... well... from Wikipedia: "Lavigne's paternal grandfather Maurice Yves Lavigne was born in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec.[15] A member of the Royal Canadian Air Force, he married Lucie Dzierzbicki, a French native of Morhange, in France in 1953. Their son, Jean-Claude Lavigne was born in 1954 at RCAF Station Grostenquin near Grostenquin, Lorraine, France."
Lastly, if Avril and Melissa are twin sisters, then who is Michelle Lavigne, Avril's supposed younger sister? My best guess is like Mike McCartney, the one the public thinks is the true sibling is actually an imposter. Michelle doesn't resemble Avril or her mother very much. That would mean Melissa Vandella = Michelle Lavigne = Present day Avril Lavigne.
To summarize, my theory is that Avril Lavigne has a nearly identical twin sister who replaced her in 2003 and is now pretending to be Avril. There is not one part of the Avril is dead conspiracy that doesn’t fit… and yet it also satisfies the “Avril is alive” crowd too. There is no denying the differences between early Avril and late Avril, but there’s also no denying that the new Avril had relationships that seem to contradict the theory. But the twin theory satisfies everything.
Please let me know in the comments if this rings true to you or if you have anything to add!
Thank you!!!!
P.S… Avril's songs take on a whole new meaning if she had a twin sister… why did they have to make it so... complicated?
WOW!!!! Thank you all for taking the taking the time to read my theory! I have a couple of thoughts I want to add before this dies down.
To the people who claim to be family members or know the family, and to the people who don't buy the twin theory: what is your explanation for the bookstore video of the 16 year old blonde girl that's supposed to be Avril?
To me, that video is the smoking gun that proves she's a twin.
The girl in that video without a shadow of a doubt has natural blonde hair. The original Avril Lavigne has without a shadow of a doubt natural brunette hair. The girl in the video, and the original are absolutely, positively, 100% different people. They look mostly Identical, but the difference in natural hair color is unmistakable.
Next, you could argue that the video was mislabeled and that it's not actually Avril, and it's simply a misunderstanding, but that's not logical because it's been around for at least a decade and it's never been disputed as actually being Avril. I'm assuming that bookstore is actually in her hometown and the media company verified it was Avril.
Also, it can't be Avril's supposed younger sister either, because that's not even close to what she looks like.
It also can't be an unrelated body double either, because she was 16 at the time and more or less irrelevant playing at a bookstore in front of 10 people. She would not have had an unrelated double at this point in her career nor needed one. Besides, a body double would look similar at best, not more or less identical.
To summarize my logic... it's not the original brunette Avril, it's not a disputed video, it's not her younger sister, and it's not an unrelated body double, so who is it then if you don't believe it's the twin sister Melissa/Michelle Lavigne?
To further the point, for over a decade now there's been speculation that Avril was replaced by a blonde haired look-a-like, and here we have video of a blonde haired Avril performing as if she were Avril when she was 16!
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